Digital Design Archive

I will definitely be adding to this list on an ongoing basis.


All of the sites in the following list have qualities that I aspire to implement in my own designs:

Common Comfort / Izzy Eveux – Blog & Instagram
Information is Beautiful / David McCandless – Information Graphics
Ferris Wheel Press Stationery
Noon Pacific Mixtapes
With Wendy / Wendy Liu – DIY Fashion
Little Short StoriesInstagram
Wedding Editorials – Wedding Photography
Cari ZhuWedding & Lifestyle Photography
PUT PUT / Stephan Friedli & Ulrik Martin Larsen – Portfolio


A few useful tutorials to create better designs and to be more efficient:

Buckwheat Porridge Recipe [Amazing Video Editing]

Illustrating Patterns: Creating Hand-Drawn Wallpaper


Design no-no’s to avoid:

Jorinde Voigt – Portfolio [I love her artwork, just not her website]
United Airlines Manage Reservations [Design layout really needs an update]


Aesthetic Likes & Dislikes

aes·thet·ic [es-thet-ik]relating to the science of aesthetics; concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty.

As a visual arts student, the topic of aesthetics is a widely discussed one and often leads to the conclusion that every person’s perception of beauty is subjective. This is my personal list of likes and dislikes when it comes to visual aesthetics.


  1. Close up visuals and intentional cropping of the visual frame.
  2. Easy to read fonts that make good use of highlighting, bolding, underlining and italicizing.
  3. Fun, interactive elements that keep the user engaged, but not overwhelmed.
  4. Simple punch lines that get the message across.
  5. Anything with turquoise. Also, thoughtful design.


  1. Information conveyed through walls of text without any visuals.
  2. Fonts that are uncomfortably recognizable. i.e. Papyrus, Comic Sans
  3. Confusing and disorganized navigation – too many or not enough links/categories.
  4. Neon colours.
  5. Any design that seems unconsidered and inconsistent.

My next post will show you a couple of designs that emphasize both my likes and dislikes.