Dailylook Haul



So yesterday around 6pm, I got an e-mail saying that I won RAEview‘s Valentine’s Day Dailylook giveaway! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I often enter youtuber’s giveaways for fun but I don’t usually expect to win. There are so many people that enter from around the world, so what are the chances? It was a very happy surprise and it led me to make my very first Dailylook haul!

I don’t shop online very often so it took me many hours to go through their website and find the best deals of products that I really love. I didn’t want to buy something halfheartedly or feel unsure of whether I would like it. I’m super indecisive so this was pretty difficult to do. The giveaway gave me store credit of $100 and I also had a promotional code from Dailylook since it was my first purchase as a new user. I ended up spending $156.84 – but after the promotional code discount and the $100 from the giveaway, I only spent a grand total of $61.68. I’m super excited about my purchases and I will definitely make an updated post and review the items that I bought when I receive them.

Dailylook Haul

Here is a list of what I purchased (Click on the item names for a link to the item on Dailylook):

1. Charm and Chain Necklace in Mint – $14.95
2. Right Direction Bracelet in Gold – $24.99
3. Clearly Chic Satchel in White – $39.99
4. Silky Floral Circle Skirt in Green – $24.95
5. Layered Chain Bracelet in Gold – $6.99
6. Oversized Cable Knit Beanie in Red – $9.99
7. Sailor Stripe Infinity Scarf in Mustard – $14.99
8. Turtleneck Crop Top in Black (Small) – $19.99

Comment and let me know if you’ve ever bought anything from Dailylook or tell me your favourite item from my haul 🙂


~ dolceartist




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