Text As Image

For my “Text As Image” assignment, I have 2 separate submissions that are created with the same idea in mind. The purpose of this exercise is to illustrate a word’s meaning visually. My first submission uses the word “paint”. I first found a font that resembled the drippiness of paint. Next, I selected an outline of the word from my painting below. My idea for this graphic is that it should look like the word itself has been painted. I kept the background transparent so that this graphic could be “painted” onto any background colour.


Untitled Chair

My second submission uses the word “collage”. I found a font that resembled a paper cutout. Again, I selected the outline of the world from my magazine collage below. Each letter in the word appears to be collaged together with different paper patterns.



Digital Design Archive

I will definitely be adding to this list on an ongoing basis.


All of the sites in the following list have qualities that I aspire to implement in my own designs:

Common Comfort / Izzy Eveux – Blog & Instagram
Information is Beautiful / David McCandless – Information Graphics
Ferris Wheel Press Stationery
Noon Pacific Mixtapes
With Wendy / Wendy Liu – DIY Fashion
Little Short StoriesInstagram
Wedding Editorials – Wedding Photography
Cari ZhuWedding & Lifestyle Photography
PUT PUT / Stephan Friedli & Ulrik Martin Larsen – Portfolio


A few useful tutorials to create better designs and to be more efficient:

Buckwheat Porridge Recipe [Amazing Video Editing]

Illustrating Patterns: Creating Hand-Drawn Wallpaper


Design no-no’s to avoid:

Jorinde Voigt – Portfolio [I love her artwork, just not her website]
United Airlines Manage Reservations [Design layout really needs an update]

Aesthetic Likes & Dislikes

aes·thet·ic [es-thet-ik]relating to the science of aesthetics; concerned with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty.

As a visual arts student, the topic of aesthetics is a widely discussed one and often leads to the conclusion that every person’s perception of beauty is subjective. This is my personal list of likes and dislikes when it comes to visual aesthetics.


  1. Close up visuals and intentional cropping of the visual frame.
  2. Easy to read fonts that make good use of highlighting, bolding, underlining and italicizing.
  3. Fun, interactive elements that keep the user engaged, but not overwhelmed.
  4. Simple punch lines that get the message across.
  5. Anything with turquoise. Also, thoughtful design.


  1. Information conveyed through walls of text without any visuals.
  2. Fonts that are uncomfortably recognizable. i.e. Papyrus, Comic Sans
  3. Confusing and disorganized navigation – too many or not enough links/categories.
  4. Neon colours.
  5. Any design that seems unconsidered and inconsistent.

My next post will show you a couple of designs that emphasize both my likes and dislikes.

Forever XXI Haul

Hey everyone! I haven’t blogged in about a month since it was really hectic during my last few weeks of school. I’m finally done second year and I’m really happy to be home. Two weeks ago, I had a phone interview for a job and I am very grateful to say that I was hired for the position. I’ll be starting my Project Management and Communications position for the Financial Services Commission of Ontario on May 12. Since the dress code for my job is going to be business casual, I decided to do a bit of online shopping at Forever XXI to get a few inexpensive pieces to add to my wardrobe.

After tax, my order cost $135.14. It was my first online order so I received 10% off each piece of clothing (except for items that were marked “finale sale”). I also received free shipping since I ordered over $60 and I currently live in Canada.

Forever XXI Haul

Here is a list of the items that I bought:

1. Must-Have Overall Shorts in Black – $19.46 (no longer available on the website)
2. Modern Muse Blazer in Royal – $32.22
3. Essential Lace Paneled Top in Dusty Lavender – $19.62
4. Colorblocked Georgette Top in Ivory/Black – $16.99
5. Free Spirit Floral Skirt in Black/Orange – $14.22
6. Timeless Bow Barrette in Green, Baby Blue, Fuchsia, Bubble Gum and Nude – each $3.42

~ dolceartist

Dailylook Haul



So yesterday around 6pm, I got an e-mail saying that I won RAEview‘s Valentine’s Day Dailylook giveaway! I honestly couldn’t believe it. I often enter youtuber’s giveaways for fun but I don’t usually expect to win. There are so many people that enter from around the world, so what are the chances? It was a very happy surprise and it led me to make my very first Dailylook haul!

I don’t shop online very often so it took me many hours to go through their website and find the best deals of products that I really love. I didn’t want to buy something halfheartedly or feel unsure of whether I would like it. I’m super indecisive so this was pretty difficult to do. The giveaway gave me store credit of $100 and I also had a promotional code from Dailylook since it was my first purchase as a new user. I ended up spending $156.84 – but after the promotional code discount and the $100 from the giveaway, I only spent a grand total of $61.68. I’m super excited about my purchases and I will definitely make an updated post and review the items that I bought when I receive them.

Dailylook Haul

Here is a list of what I purchased (Click on the item names for a link to the item on Dailylook):

1. Charm and Chain Necklace in Mint – $14.95
2. Right Direction Bracelet in Gold – $24.99
3. Clearly Chic Satchel in White – $39.99
4. Silky Floral Circle Skirt in Green – $24.95
5. Layered Chain Bracelet in Gold – $6.99
6. Oversized Cable Knit Beanie in Red – $9.99
7. Sailor Stripe Infinity Scarf in Mustard – $14.99
8. Turtleneck Crop Top in Black (Small) – $19.99

Comment and let me know if you’ve ever bought anything from Dailylook or tell me your favourite item from my haul 🙂


~ dolceartist



OOTD: Classic

Hi everyone! It’s been 3 months since I’ve made a post here but I’m back! Reading week was much needed but I’m ready to finish off second year with a smile on my face and to start blogging again. I didn’t do too much shopping this week but I did get a pair of booties from Aldo that I’m super excited about.

My sweater was actually a Christmas present from my aunt to my mom but I really liked it so I decided to keep it for myself. Hehe. I really love the added white stripe details on the sleeves – they give the sweater a nice varsity feel to it. I’m wearing my favourite black leggings and of course, my new booties. I’d been waiting since Christmas to see if these shoes would go on sale but only the maroon version did. I finally bought them this weekend since Spring styles are starting and I was scared that they would stop selling these booties soon.

004 [7]

The heel on these ankle boots are the perfect height for me since they give me a nice boost but they’re also really comfortable to walk in. The leather is a warm taupe colour that compliments any pair of jeans nicely. I also really love how the wraparound straps makes these booties extremely versatile for both casual and fancy occasions. My favourite detail about them are the stitches around the edge of the  soles (which aren’t visible on the black version). I think it gives this pair of boots a much more handmade quality to them. Click here for a link to them on Aldo’s website.

004 [2]

  1. “Classic” Sweater – Tommy Hilfiger
  2. Wristlet – Coach
  3. Bracelet – Pandora
  4. Opal Ring – Harmony London
  5. Diamond Ring – Peoples

My wristlet was a Christmas present from my aunt who lives in New York so I didn’t get it until this weekend. I don’t have a purse that’s this small so I think it’ll be perfect for when I go out and just want to carry my phone and some cash. Here’s a closer look:

004 [4]

And here’s a closer look at my bracelet and rings:

004 [3]

Blue Opal is supposed to improve communication skills and help strengthen confidence.

I’m not sure how accurate the meaning of this stone is but it’s a beautiful stone nonetheless.

Have a great rest of the week!

~ dolceartist

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A Week Filled with Drawing

Hi everyone!

How was your week? Honestly, this week was probably the most stressful five days I have had in this semester. I have just had so much going on school-wise and also in my extra-curricular activities, I barely had time to breathe. Since I’m doing a double major and a certificate, I have to overload my courses every year – and let me tell you, I really felt the weight of all my courses this week. I had my second portfolio due in drawing class on Wednesday and I really want to share with you what I created and talk a little bit about each of the four drawings.


Portfolio 2

In our portfolio, we had to hand in four drawings, each based on a different concept: extrapolation, translation, speculation and documentation.



Extrapolation using graphite pencil

Extrapolation is a grid enlargement method. It is a technique used to allow artists to accurately copy a very small image and enlarge it to a much greater scale. In order to do this, you have to first take your original small image and divide it into a grid that is made up of equal length squares.This is what my original copy looked like:


Extrapolation Small Copy

This technique of enlarging images is actually not very complicated at all after this step. All you have to do is create a grid on your large piece of paper that has the same ratio as your small copy. In my case, for every 1 cm. x 1 cm. square in my small copy, this was a 2 in. x 2 in. square in my large copy.

After making the grid, I carefully isolated each square in my mind and copied the contour lines I saw into the larger squares. Since every component of the image is subdivided into small components (like pixels), it is much easier to retain detail and accuracy since your mind only has to focus on getting the proportions right in each small square.

This technique is commonly used to maintain proportions and render areas quickly. This was my first time using this method so I found it a bit difficult to render the facial features – especially because there is so much detail even within the small squares. The image is a picture of my boyfriend and his mom on her birthday. It was really hard for me to get the proportions just right in their eyes, nose and mouth. Even if the angle is slightly off by a tiny bit, it can completely change whether it resembles the person you are drawing or not. In the end, I would say I’m quite happy with it – it was a lot of pressure for me because I’m hoping to give it to his mom for her Christmas and I really want her to like it.


The next drawing I did used the concept of taking an existing artwork and making something new using influence from the original artwork. Translation allows the artist to build on an already existing idea, possibly to question the idea further. If you read my first blog post, you might recognize what original artwork I used and who the artist was: Colette Urban. I loved her figural painting and collage works so much that I really wanted to create my own on a larger scale. This mixed media piece is on 22 in. x 30 in. Stonehenge paper.

Instead of keeping the figure in small brush strokes, I wanted the figure to be more realistic and have more dimension. I used water colour to first create the planes of her body, starting from the bright yellow to a darker turquoise. I chose this pose because I really love how her long arms suggest the movement of flying.

I used india ink to highlight some areas on her body where there are shadows and to increase the depth and add shape to her dress. Next, I went through a couple of fashion magazines looking for a variety of colours and textures. I cut the pages into triangles and diamonds because I think these shapes really emphasize the direction of movement. The collage aspect of the piece gives the viewer the feeling that the figure is soaring through space while she leaves a trace of energy behind her.




The next drawing I did uses the concept of speculation – which means creating a project that you can’t actually create in this moment in time. Perhaps this is because of financial restraints, technical restraints like not having the knowledge of how to engineer the project or not being able to have the materials to create the piece. Speculation draws on the common use of sketches to quickly jot down ideas. In doing so, an artist can archive their ideas for future reference and also to refine the idea. A sketchbook is like a visual diary of an artist.

My idea for a project that I can’t actually create right now is to create an installation of an important moment in my life. Music was a huge part of my childhood and when I was in grade 5, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play the first movement of Mozart’s piano concerto in A Major, No. 12, K. 414 with a mini orchestra. I have always wanted to learn to play strings and I clearly remember during that performance, seeing a double bass in real life for the first time. My speculative project is to create a double bass that is twice the size of a real one. I want to paint on canvas to create the illusion of a piano on one side of the double bass and paint the actual piano score from the concerto on the other side. I will have a projection of the video recording I have of the actual performance beside the instrument.

For me, this installation is a way for me to remember a memory and to express my love for music.




My final drawing uses documentation which allows the artist to record a time, place or event. An event refers to a combination of time and space that creates a definable moment. I chose to paint a memory from the last days of summer when I went to Wards Island with my boyfriend to celebrate our two year anniversary. We had a picnic on the beach and even though it was deathly hot that day, it was a lot of fun! I have always loved sitting by the water because of how peaceful and calm it is. It was a perfect day to walk along the boardwalk and see the city of Toronto while riding a ferry.

If you have tried any of these techniques yourself, please share them with me in the comments. I would love to read about them! Also, check out Adelle’s blog to learn how to create some really cool art and DIY’s. She has ideas about home decor, fashion and even has art lesson plans to teach you how to create your own art. I really love her idea about creating nature collages.

Even though I only got two hours of sleep on Tuesday trying to finish all of these drawings, I’m really happy with how they turned out. I guess the stress was worth it?

Click to tweet if you know how it feels to have a stressful week! Hope you have a great weekend!